Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cicely, AK....aka Rosyln, WA

As we walked the scene of a chilly Cicely, AK (aka Roslyn, WA), I tried to think of how we'd fill the cast of the show:
The Cast Holling Vincoeur Shelly Tambo Chris in the Morning Maggie O'Connell Ed Chigliak

Ok, I'm a Northern Exposure nerd, and I do these things, sorry!


On Friday Nic, Anamaria, and I headed up from the Tri-Cities met up w/ my bro and his lady at The Brick to see a couple of bands: The Moondoggies & The Maldives. Before the show we had some pizza across the street at Village Pizza, and then headed on over to The Brick. The Brick was a central location for the 90's TV show Northern Exposure. Now for the show, The Brick's interior was a set, so the Real Brick is a bit different. The Brick is Washington states oldes saloon. There is a big bar area, and then the next space over is where bands play.

I was surprised to see a little "stream" right there in the bar. Yup, I was surprised to see a tributary of the Cle Elum river running along the base of the bar! :) Actually, my brother told me this little waterway was used for those "chewing". They'd spit their chew into the water and it would drift downstream passing drinker's feet. Ok, I'll stop with the water talk---I was intrigued though.

The Brick's Bar (the stream was underneath, patron-side)

There was a cool vibe at the bar. The crowd was fairly diverse--camo-clad hunters, Seattlites fresh from the trek over Snoqualmie, college students from Ellensburg, locals, and of course some Tri-Citians. :)

Sobriety Test By Officer Tee

We hung out and imbibed some local brews as we waited for The Maldives. While waiting for the band, took a break and walked over to "Minnifield Communications Network" and the KBHR radio station. I've been to Roslyn many times, but this was the first during the evening.

"Chris In The Morning's" Location

Effler & Dog

Once back at The Brick, the Maldives took the stage. They were an 8-piece band, and they were pretty good. They had a violinist and a banjo player. The Moondoggies took the stage to a fairly full dance floor. I managed to bop to a few songs, and also squeeze some salsa moves in there. :)



All in all, we had a great time--The Brick was a cool venue, Roslyn was a neat town, the bands were cool, and the company was the best.

It made for a long night though. Didn't get home till about 3am!



Northern Exposure Theme: Notice Village Pizza!


Hard to Explain said...

Can I be Marilyn? :D

corey g. said...

:) Oh sure---you can be Ms. Whirlwind! :)