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Willits Wedding

Ari and Jeremy met years ago at Humboldt State---I think many of us know about their encounter in their Spanish class where their story began. For years, we've all gotten to see their relationship grow through ups and downs, adventures and stories. For this new phase of their life together, marriage, I feel honored to be one of the people to be around when this phase began. It began in Copenhagen, Denmark: "the happiest place on Earth".

We weren't there when it happened, but Jeremy proposed to Ari at a special place: the statue of the Little Mermaid. I remember when Ari was a wee tyke---she watched Disney's "The Little Mermaid" just about every day. In other words, Jeremy picked the perfect spot to start the next phase of their life.

The months of preparation for the big day all paid off. The wedding took place at Jeremy's mother's beautiful house in Willits, CA. During this Fall wedding weekend, we were lucky to have beautiful weather...ummm...except for the chilly temperatures. The wedding ceremony took place on a scenic spot on a side of a hill (girls didn't wear heels!), with a big rock formation as background.

The Wedding Site

The reception afterward was in a barn! It wasn't a hoe-down, and their wasn't straw on the floor, the barn was transformed into a really cool party place.

The rehearsal went well. Cheryl Seidner (Wiyot) was the officiant, and she helped layout the overall structure for the wedding ceremony. I remember meeting Cheryl years ago when I was a student at Humboldt State. She worked for over 20 years at Humboldt at the Equal Opportunity Program (EOP) office. She is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Her officiant resume began when one of my best friend's Chag asked her to do their wedding. She's done weddings for several other of my Humboldt friends since then, and I was glad she was going to be a part of this special moment for my sister and Jeremy.

Who are these dudes??? And Is That Mario With The Bouquet??

For Tomorrow

After the rehearsal, we all hit downtown Willits! Yup, we took over El Mexicano restaurant for the Rehearsal Dinner. tamales were yummy. After the rehearsal we walked down Main St. and hit up Shanachie Pub. Had a nice time here chilling the night away....well, everybody except for Johnny (dang those 21 & older requirements of the US!). A highlight: Tee drinking a 60 oz. mug of beer (congrats to Tee & Asia for their engagement!).

After a night on the budding metropolis which is Willits, we rested up for the big day. I was one of the groomsman for Jeremy. I thought with that, we'd be busy setting up, escorting people, slapping the groom out of unconsciousness, etc., but there wasn't really much for us to do. We just had to look handsome!

For me, the ceremony went so fast. We staged ourselves in waiting up in the house. We then headed to the wedding site. We escorted close family to their seats, and then positioned ourselves on the right flank of the wedding area. Ari and her posse stole the show. First the bridesmaids (Asia, I saw you almost slip, but your sure-footedness was also witnessed). And then the star shined. Dad escorted her down the aisle. He then asked if "we would all" give Ari away: we did.

Yup, That's A Kilt.

Mom, Cheryl & Joy

The Groomsmen...errr...Groomspeople

"Whatchoo Lookin' At?!"

The Bridesmaids

Ari looked so beautiful. This was my first time seeing her in her dress. I was around when she picked it out in Portland, and she picked an outstanding garment. I think what did it for me was to see her newly-made moccasins. Our mom had just finished her last stitch the night before, but those Siksika moccasins were the bomb. Ari got married in 'em, meeted & greeted with tons of people in 'em, had dinner in 'em, and danced the night away in 'em. I think she broke 'em in good. Moose hide was a good choice.

Escorting The Bride

The ceremony was magnificent. Cheryl did so well. Ari was/is stunning. Jeremy was the perfect gentleman. I heard hawks screaming in acceptance of this union. My brother and I were honored to sing an old style Eagle Whistle song (I had trouble drumming--my stick was a little light, so Tee had to be the Master of Beats, Terminator X---as he always is). After the ceremony, my bro & I were also honored to hear the best of compliments from our Auntie Chris--her words made us proud. Thanks Ari and Jeremy for letting us sing.

Here Come The Ladies (watch Asia's smoothness at 0:15 sec)

Hand Drummin'

Umm, yeah, I was filming

Husband & Wife

"Like From The Dixie Chicks Song," Says Elaine :)

Ari & Jeremy had guests from all over. There were people from up and down the west coast, there was the huge Humboldt crew, there was the contingent from Alberta (two vans worth!), and there was our family from Scotland. So yeah, they had a worldly audience.

Auntie Chris & Lavina and Cousin Leah From Alberta!

The Family From Inverness

Ari & Uncle Jim

The Humboldt Crew: They Brought It!

Cheryl Post-Ceremony

And now for the picture-taking. Ari & Jeremy had tons of photogs running around them...dare I say they had paprazzi? The hired photographer did a good job. He and his wife were all over the whole night, and I can't wait to see their work. And now for some posed photos....

The Siblings

Ari & The Big Bros

The Lovely Ladies

Those Siksika Crackin' Up



Married Feet

The sun slipped down behind the pine-covered hills as the final poses were just about ending for the new wife and husband. It was now time to get our eat on and party down---California Style. Aieeee!! :)

Ok, enough of my jibber jabber....just check out the photos!

What A Chivalrous Husband

Mom & Russell

Father & Daughter Dance

The First Dance

Happy Ari....Now, Did You Eat That Grenade Cake?!

Maybe Jeremy Has Another Career He Can Pursue?!

Groomsman Daniel Partying, Willits-Style

The Bride & Pachomio Cuttin' Rug!

My Rooster!

Groomsman Johnny Partying, Inverness-Style

Hands In The Air.

Holy Cow. Pectasan Stole The show! She Was Workin' The Robot, I Was Too Enthralled To Capture This From The Beginning (It was a 3-min Robot!). She Was An Excellent Dancer, I Even Did Some Salsa Turns On Her, And She Rocked 'Em. Yay, I Have A New Dance Partner!

Mmmm....Apple Pie

Watchin' Sis. An Unforgettable Night.

Having Breakfast With The Humboldt Crew


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